What is Reiki ?

As a Hypnotherapist, I can tell you that Reiki is a non-verbal method of hypnotherapy healing.

Just as in clinical hypnosis, we have non-verbal inductions, Reiki recipients are open and accepting of the healing – wanting it to take place – and the Reiki Practitioner facilitates this by meditating – changing the frequency of their own brainwaves.

This frequency is matched by the power of touch (or no touch if the recipient prefers – hands are held above the chakras (energy portals)).  After all –  vibrations are matched – unless of course the recipient does not wish to be healed – which would of course defeat the purpose of his/her visit.

The intention of the healer is then passed onto the recipient – influencing a healing process within the individual.

This can only happen when a meditation takes place – as healing takes place in the frequency of light – Alpha brainwaves – a frequency of 8-13 HZ or Theta brainwaves – a frequency of 4-8 HZ.

As a Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Remote Viewer,  I am very well versed in these Brainwave Frequencies.

The power of intention has been well documented in quantum physics (The Field by Lynne McTaggart  – Top 10 New York Times Best Sellers List) and of course, Hypnotherapy.

The process of Reiki can restore all natural healing and manifestation powers of the body, mind and spirit.

I do not guarantee anything as the individual must want to be healed and if the individual has more deliberate intents then those intents may be at odds with his/her visit.



When asked just how Reiki treatment helped individuals recover, Hawayo Takata famously claimed, “Eliminate the cause and you will eliminate the effect”.

In other words, Reiki treatment is restorative to the whole human system. This is important, because imbalance and suffering develop on all levels. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Reiki is restorative to the body’s original and optimal point.

Reiki procedure restores harmony to the entire system – to its original point by maximizing the body’s own self-healing features. Although there is much that we do not understand concerning exactly exactly how this takes place (the feature of activity), study records suggest that Reiki treatment enhances parasympathetic peripheral nervous system (PNS) tone.

You may be a lot more aware of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and its fight-or-flight worry response. The rest-and-digest function of the PNS is just how the physique harmonizes the anxiety feedback– a minimum of that’s exactly what occurs when the body is healthy and durable.

The complication is that the further we get from our wellness and health, the much less able the body is to self-correct. The body can get lost when it passes a worry limit; it “fails to remember” the best ways to turn that internal change that changes SNS to PNS dominance. The tension feedback intensifies, at times to the point of failure. But failure doesn’t always restore harmony. The body can be worn down and still stressed, like a kid awake long past her bedtime, incapable to fall asleep without parental comforting.

That’s where Reiki procedure is convenient – both for young children and mums and dads, and those times when we need to nurture ourselves.

Reiki reminds the body exactly how to restore its own healing process.